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Instant|Full Hair Filler


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Product Description

We bring to you an amazing hair beauty secret – 100% INSTANT HAIR POWDER, affordable and all natural. For men and women. This product covers hair loss due to excessive braids,ghana weave, no front hair,general hair loss issues. They come in various colours. Each application lasts for about a week. Just shake on your hair like powder and see the wonderful dramatic,thick,dense,full change‎. Looks completely natural as real as human hair, lasts all day,all night, even through wind, rain and sweat. Suitable for men and women of all ages. For hair loss and full instant front hair coverage. Available in black, dark brown, gray, blonde colours.

How to use:  With your hand, open those areas you want to fill then apply like powder by shaking on those areas of hair loss. Start by applying little by little until you achieve desired result.

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